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Rock Paper Scissors
  • Rock Paper Scissors
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Rock Paper Scissors


Rock Paper Scissors, embroidered patch

Size approx of one patch: 1.9 x 1.6 inches (4.8 x 4.0 cm)

available backing types:

  • sew on
  • iron on
  • self adhesive
  • velcro
  • magnetic
Backing: sew on


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The patch for lovers of a social game that you can play anywhere, in any conditions, at any time, without additional equipment, because you only use your own hands. Many of us remember it as a backyard game when we had to quickly decide, for example, the order.

The game consists of successive turns, in each of which, at a given signal, players use their hands to show one of three gestures: rock, scissors or paper. The winner is the one whose symbol is the strongest and thus receives one point, and if there is a tie, the players repeat the turn without awarding a point. According to the rules: scissors cut paper, paper wraps stone, and stone blunts scissors. The first player to score a set number of points wins the game.

This great, timeless game does not lose popularity thanks to its universality and is constantly adopting newer versions, including our patch version. Will you give in and put our three patches on your pencil case, backpack or punching bag?

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Data sheet

1.6 inches / 4.0 cm
1.9 inches / 4.8 cm
hot cut
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