Flag of the Czech Republic
  • Flag of the Czech Republic
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Flag of the Czech Republic


Flag of the Czech Republic, embroidered patch

The size of the icons: 2.0 x 1.3 inches (5.2 x 3.5 cm) 

available backing types:

  • sew on
  • iron on
  • self adhesive
  • velcro
Backing: sew on


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Fabric colour: fully embroidered

Border colour: black

Colours of threads: white, red, black, blue

Czech Republic, Czech flag - fully embroidered - Czech Republic flag, impressive computer embroidery, additionally sewn.

During the German occupation in 1939-1945, the flag of the Czech and Moravian Protectorate was changed into three equal horizontal stripes in white, red and blue. Despite this, the opposition located abroad continued to use the old flag, which, regardless of system changes, was still supposed to be the flag of Czechoslovakia and it was after the war.

In 1990 in Czechoslovakia national flags were introduced: the Czech Republic - the white-red and the Slovakian white-blue-red. After the break up of Czechoslovakia (1993), the Czechs returned to the white-and-red flag with a blue triangle, which was decided on December 17, 1992 in the Czech Chamber of Deputies (Česká národní Rada).

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1.3 inches / 3.5 cm
2.0 inches / 5.2 cm
hot cut
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