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Paisley - oriental teardrop-shaped pattern with a curved end
  • Paisley - oriental teardrop-shaped pattern with a curved end
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Paisley - oriental teardrop-shaped pattern with a curved end


Paisley - oriental teardrop-shaped pattern with a curved end, embroidered patch

Size approx: 2.3 x 1.2 inches (6.0 x 3.0 cm)

available backing types:

  • sew on
  • iron on
  • self adhesive
  • velcro
  • magnetic
Backing: sew on


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The patch with a motif used in fabric decoration in the Middle East, where it appeared at the beginning of our era. The pattern is based on the characteristic teardrop shape curled towards its narrowest part. The inspiration for the pattern was probably mango, almond or raindrop fruit. In Iran and Turkey, they were used to decorate precious cashmeres, and in Azerbaijan it is still a decorative element of houses.

Paisely gained worldwide fame with the spread of fabrics with this motif through Middle Eastern trade routes. In Europe, the pattern became a decoration of clothes worn among the aristocracy, among others. the French Queen Marie Antoinette or her English equivalent, Queen Victoria of Hanover, as well as by ordinary citizens during the Civil War era in the United States. The pattern experienced another renaissance in the 1960s, when hippies identified with it.

The original paisley pattern had elements arranged in even rows and facing in one direction, currently it is customary to make the pattern in different sizes, positions and directions. The paisley motif can currently be found on commercial clothes and well-known fashion brands in the boho style - women wear blouses, scarves, and men wear ties or jackets with Middle Eastern tears, giving the styling an oriental look.

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1.2 inches / 3.0 cm
2.3 inches / 6.0 cm
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