Custom Patches

Over a century after their invention, machine-made custom embroidered patches remain one of the most popular ways of identifying your organization and distinguishing it from others. They can represent group solidarity or individual achievement, commemoration or a statement of purpose. They come in a variety of designs, sizes, shapes and colors that show the mission of your group, or your personal goals. Whatever your needs, Patchion can promptly serve them with patches that will last, that are attractive and professionally designed.

Popular Custom Patches

  • Computer games – Thousands of people love computer games. They spend hours playing them. Many games have a long history encompassed by one logo. Such a custom patch can be a great gift for someone who loves playing computer games.

  • Sports Patches – are you a fan of a sport or physical discipline? Show it and wear sports patches.

  • Flag patches – Sports competition stirs up patriotic feelings among a country's team supporters, especially in international events such as the Olympics. No small wonder people want to boast about their nationality. A patch can last longer than a flag or hat and be more versatile.

  • Martial arts patches – Custom patches can display the martial arts sport or discipline in which you are involved, as well as the level you have achieved. These can include karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, aikido, and many others. You can have the name of the school, its logo, and even your name sewn on it.

  • School patches – Many students hate school uniforms, which often have horrible colours, simplistic design and a lack of originality. School patches can change that, representing your school in a positive way and increasing school spirit. And children will love them.

Patchion can provide a new sew-on or iron-on patch for any fabric you have, whether jeans or leather, clothing or bedspreads. We also provide these patches:

  • Logos, names, flags

  • Identity emblems

  • Badges

  • T-shirts, sweatshirts

  • Flag patches

  • Military patches

  • Government patches

  • Law enforcement patches

  • EMS patches

  • Corporate patches

  • Insignia patches

  • Martial arts patches

  • Motorcycle patches

  • Custom sports badges

  • Cartoon patches

  • Scout patches

Why Custom Patches?

Custom patches were once hand-made, so they were expensive, irregular, and slow to create. Now with machine-made patches, you can request any design, color, shape, size, fabric, or thread and we can meet your needs.

We specialize in producing high-quality embroidered patches.We can take your unique design and bring it to life. From special events patches to team and corporate identity patches, we have created thousands of embroidery designs in every shape, size, and color. Design your own and we'll make it. Starting from scratch and need ideas for your own design? We can help there, too, finding out your needs and goals, and coming up with a design that expresses them in a way that best works for you. Whatever your design or goal, your patches will be uniform and regular in quality and characteristics.

Embroidery is a traditional technique producing beautiful results. Your embroidered design or logo will look more professional than a plastic badge or a print screen. You can transform any of your ideas into your own beautiful custom patches. Embroidery is chosen by the most respected and the most important companies across all industries. Also, it guarantees maximum durability of every single embroidered patch. This is simply the best way to promote your company or group.

Patches work for individual as well as group needs. No one wants to be compared to other people. People want to be unique. Everyone wants to stand out and be different. And from a biological point of view, everyone is different. We have different hair, eyes, height, and personalities. There are no two alike – even twins are different. So, people want to find a way to emphasize their uniqueness.

One of the simplest ways is to look at our website. Here you will find different embroidered patches. Thanks to them, you can wear whatever you want in any place you wish and you can still be original. The most important advantages are:

  • No order limit – You can order just one piece or one hundred patches.

  • Excellent quality – We use only the best materials.

  • Worldwide delivery – We send our embroidery any place you like.

There is an assurance of full embroidered work with superior quality threads. There is no limit or minimum order. Clients can order just a single piece, though our wholesale clients can avail themselves of a huge discount on every deal. No matter the size of the order, we are known for dispatching it within 15 days, which is the fastest in the patch-making industry. We subject our patches to the rigorous quality process control that ensures their durability and high quality.

Our friendly staff will help you with the design of your custom embroidered patches, provide all the necessary information, and make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the final product. Many people hate the way their clothing is styled. Some of them are also big fans of of a hobby, or they belong to different clubs or organizations. At the same time, they want to look original and emphasize their involvement in those organizations. The best way to combine these goals is to use custom patches.

Why Choose Us?

We at Patchion provide you with high-quality embroidered patches for no minimum order or set-up charge. We also provide worldwide shipping of the order assignment without any hassles.

To use our services and find out more about them, you can get a free quote from our website. Our team will reply to your request within 1 business day. You can also place an order by sending specifications about the patch. To start processing your order, we require the following details from customers:

  • An image of the design of the patch in JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or CDR format

  • Measurements for the maximum width and height of the patch

  • Twill type and pattern

  • The number of patches required

  • Any extra colour to be added

  • Any extra details or features required

We also provide guidance and various options in patch designs to choose from, in case customers don’t know much about embroidered patches, or are not sure what they want. You can get this as part of your free quote.

To place the order (or get a quote), customers can drop us an email with all the above-mentioned requirements through our website

Please remember to include the desired size, colors, and how many pieces you need. Don’t forget to choose any twill or fabric types for your embroidery.


We prepare custom patches for free from our customers' ideas. There is also no setup charge. 1 piece minimum! (Prices per piece are cheaper the more you buy).

Our price is based upon some factors:

  • Patch Size

  • Quantity

  • Difficulty

  • Colors

  • Twills

How to Order or Get a Quote

  1. 1) Send us an email with the above detailed specifications for the patch being ordered. The best way is to answer the following questions:

a) How many embroidered patches do you need?
b) What shape do you prefer (you can choose: circular, rectangular, oval, shield, square, or your own shape)?
c) What is its measurement? (Give its height and width.)
d) Choose the colours.
e) Give the detailed date you need your patch in-hand.
f) Provide additional information if necessary.

  1. After a few days, we will send you your free price quote. You can then approve it or request further changes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will make the requested changes and send them for your approval.

  1. When your order is approved on both sides, your patches go to the sewing room. It takes 10-15 days for manufacturing and another 3 for delivery, depending on where you want us to send them. International Shipping can take up to 9 days for delivery of the order. Please keep this in mind when sending us the date you need the patches in-hand.

Contact us at: or upload your image using this form: