1. What is your privacy policy


2. What is your return policy?


3. What are the payment options?

Major credit cards and cheques by PayPal, Bitcoin .

4. Do you ship worldwide?


5. Do you take small orders?


6. What kind of patch designs are most popular?

 Martial Arts, Flags .

7. How much does shipping cost?

It will be calculated automaticly depends on order size and your location.

8. How long will it take to receive my patches?

3 - 5 working days within Europe

6 - 9 working days worldwide

9. Can I order my personal petch design?

Yes, please feel up this form: https://www.embroidered-patches.co.uk/contact/

10. How do I submit my artwork?

Conect with 9

11. How do I choose colors?

Connect with 9

12. What is the difference between a Merrow-overlock and Hot cut?

Please use informations from here http://www.hqpatches.com/merrow-border/

13. Can you give a discount if I will make big order?

Yes, please email us directly.

14. I want to make a personal design of my patch but I dont know how to do it

right.How much will be cost the services of your designer?

Also, visit www.embroidered-patches.co.uk

15. Do you give a guarantee of quality?

Yes, we need to put more informations here.