Counties of Scotland - Renfrewshire
  • Counties of Scotland - Renfrewshire
  • Counties of Scotland - Renfrewshire
  • Counties of Scotland - Renfrewshire
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Counties of Scotland - Renfrewshire


Counties of Scotland - Renfrewshire, embroidered patch

Size approx: 2.7 x 3.1 inches (6.8 x 8.0 cm)

available backing types:

  • sew on
  • iron on
  • self adhesive
  • velcro
Backing: sew on


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The embroidered patch shows County of Renfrew. Patch made on a blue background finished with merrow black border.

History of Renfrewshire council

Renfrewshire is the name from country town - Renfrew. The name was approved since the Roman occupation of Great Britain.

Scotland has a strong history and Renfrewshire has always had a rather important role. As such we would like to present you with a glorious embroidered patch of the coat of arms of Renfrewshire.

Renfrewshire refers to two things. It is one of the council areas of Scotland contained within the historic county of Renfrewshire, which is actually the second thing it refers to. The Renfrewshire council area's administrative centre is Paisley, which you probably know since it is still often referred to as the largest town in Scotland.

This coat of arm is essentially a variation of a traditional Paisley's arms, which was originally granted back in 1912. The coat of arms is made of three parts - there is a white-azure checkered in the centre with a goldfield above and below it. Officially this coat of arms is described as a fess chequy Azure and Argent and it recalls Walter Fitzalan, which was the High Steward of Scotland and founded a monastery way back in 1163. This monastery later became Paisley Abbey.


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Why should you choose Patchion's patches?

As you probably know, embroidered patches are back in style and we have created this special one that is devoted to the coat of arms of Renfrewshire in particular. This embroidered patch is of the highest quality and has it down to every last detail.

Renfrewshire embroidered patch has a traditional shield-like or coat of arms shape and is 8cm high. It has a strong, black merrow border, which rounds it all very nicely. The embroidered has a dark-blue background, representing the sea. On top is a uniquely shaped traditional ship. The ship is made using white thread for filling and black thread for borders and all other details.

The selection of colours is perfect and makes the boat really pop out. Of course, there is also a smaller coat of arms inside the embroidered patch, which is basically a coat of arms on the ship's mast.

This powerful, meaningful, and beautiful embroidered patch is suitable for all types of uniforms serving Renfrewshire county. It is also perfect for individuals that love their county history and would like to add additional meaning to their jackets, shirts, backpack or some other apparel.

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3.1 inches / 8.0 cm
2.7 inches / 6.8 cm
Merrow - overlock
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